How it works

If you’re selling a domain name and want to land its visitors on a sale page, you’re one step away from it. Just forward the domain name to our website, the rest is on us.

Domain name forwarding is managed from registrar’s account panel, no IT skills are required and it takes just a few minutes.

In order to get the landing page showing up properly, domain should be forwarded to using correct URL pattern. Use the URL Builder to generate your forwarding URL. Note that same URL can be used for multiple/all domain names, as will automatically detect your domain name. This way you can set up landing pages for all your domains at once, in a few clicks, if bulk domain forwarding is supported by your registrar.
URL Builder

Get comprehensive traffic reports, separate for every landing page, using your Google Analytics account. Create new Google Analytics property and paste the newly created tracking ID here. For detailed instructions visit or contact us.

Take communication with your visitors to the next level by enabling live chat on your domain sale landing page! Let your visitors contact you immediately as you go online. Sign up with, create new property and paste the newly created Site ID here - one for all pages! It's completely free and it takes minutes to setup.

What you can do with chat widgets on your landing pages:

  • Conversate live with visitors interested in your domain name
  • Monitor landing page visitors in real time
  • Answer chats from your Mobile Device
  • Customize your Visitor Widget to suit your landing pages
  • Proactively engage visitors with Triggers
  • Respond quickly with Predefined Shortcuts

Get started on or contact us.